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About Us

For the past 30 years our staff of experienced real estate brokers and certified appraisers has provided high value real estate services to the Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts markets.

Our brokers and sales people have the knowledge and ability to put deals together but even more importantly, they have the experience and tenacity to get to closing. With access to every major residential and commercial site and proficiency in cutting edge technology we can find you a property or a buyer, and with a staff of fifteen certified appraisers we can analyze any property type and bring real market knowledge to the table.

Our team of sales people and brokers have decades of experience, Peter M. Scotti, MAI 40 years, Jim Moore, RICABOR Realtor of the Year, 35 years, Andrew Ferland, broker/property manager 10 years, Michael Kern, MAI 30 years, Rachel Wills Russell our highest volume residential sales person and Yue Ling Chung and Zhongyuan Williams both experienced commercial and residential brokers fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

With a staff of fifteen appraisers including four who have obtained the coveted MAI (Member Appraisal Institute) designation and thirteen certified general licensees, we have a level of experience and depth of expertise that is unparalleled in the market. Peter M. Scotti, MAI is recognized as a real estate expert in Federal and State court proceedings and by zoning boards, tax appeal boards and City and Town councils throughout Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Michael Kern, MAI is licensed in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Florida and has the knowledge and experience to accurately analyze the most complex properties. Fred Eichmann, MAI is our resident expert on land appraisals with unequaled experience in appraising conservation easements. Fred’s analysis’s are thorough and exacting. Peter Tache, MAI has been designated for 21 years and has appraised all property types throughout Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. James Miles is a certified general appraiser with 35+ years of experience appraising complex properties. Eugene Nichols, Peter D’Allesandro, Lawrence Rainey and Ted Osterhoff are all Certified General Appraisers with over 20 years of experience. Nobody Knows More About Rhode Island Real Estate than Peter M. Scotti & Associates, Inc.